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Admirals Bank
15 Park Row West
Providence,  RI  02903
Toll Free: (800) 715-8472


Sales & Operations
 SVP/Director of Mortgage Lending
Patrick Deady Phone: 401.248.7307
 VP/Sales Operations Leader
Scott Hurley Phone: 401.248.7379
 Business Strategy Leader, Sales and Revenue
Riley McDermott Phone: 401.248.7253
 Underwriting Department
Sandra Johnson Phone: 401.248.7328
Underwriter Underwriter
Regina Murray Rice Suzanne Lalli
Phone: 401.248.7206 Phone: 401.248.7353
 Loan Closing and Funding Department
Karin Filippone Phone: 401.248.7329
Closing Specialist Closing Specialist
Cynthia Conti-Gould Caitlyn Martin  
Phone: 401.248.7486 Phone: 401.248.7218
Funding Coordinator
Cheryl Botelho-Flynn
Phone: 401.248.7207


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Toll Free: (800) 715-8472
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Admirals Bank
15 Park Row West, Providence, RI  02903
Toll Free:  (800) 715-8472
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