"Best Kept Secret"
Partner with the nation's leading FHA Title I lender to add revenue and build your business.

For over 25 years, Admirals Bank has worked with homeowners nationwide to add value to their properties, by offering innovative Home Improvement lending solutions designed to leverage the FHA Title I program. We’ve built the infrastructure and the expertise, and we’re now offering our resources to correspondent partners in all 50 states.

 With Admirals Bank you will:  

  • Drive Revenue and Increase Margin Contributions - By earning fees and selling loans at a premium.

  • Improve Customer Experience - By offering an attractive option for those who don't qualify for traditional home improvement financing.

  • Increase CRA Lending Performance - By lending in your community


FHA Title I is literally the “best kept secret” in home improvement financing. Any homeowner can borrow up to $25,000 for home improvements—even those with no equity and no down payment.


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